I am available for commissions, lessons, parties, and freelance jobs.When you commission artwork, the finished artwork belongs to you, but I will retain reprint rights. This means that upon completion of the project the original artwork is mailed to you. I do keep digital copies of all images for my portfolio for promotional and review purposes.

If you are a client who is purchasing a commission for publishing, my basic agreement entails ONE TIME RIGHTS. This allows you to pay the contracted amount for use or publishing of artwork for one time. Alternate rights are accepted.

Disclaimer: All of the terms above are negotiable and will be clarified in the drawing up of the contract that both parties are required to sign. Redraw fees may be included in contract. I reserve the right to decline any commission request for any reason. All quotes are in US denominations


First, I want to thank you for such a great creativity workout! I had a great time and I appreciate your intent with your instruction. Michelle and I had a great time and have posted our drawings on our respective office walls.

Farmington Valley Arts Center

Within 12 hours Matt developed three perfect cartoons for me. He's a pleasure to work with, and I'll do it again soon.

Doreen Stern, Ph.D., De-Clutter Today

I don't know if you remember me, but we met at the Hartford Con a couple of weeks ago....
I purchased two of your "Bigger" graphic novels, and I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed them. They are so much fun to read, your art is fantastic, and I really enjoy the characters. As I shared with you, I work in a high school, so I can really relate to Willie and Weez. I'm hoping that we will cross paths at another Con in the future, so I can pick up a couple more of your books.


The sketches were just excellent! we're all so excited as to where this is going!

Leila, Darcy, Mike The Mass BayCon Gang.

I was laughing so hard today I was crying!! BIGGER WORKING STIFF is awesome man, happy I got a chance to read it. It's hilarious.

Hector Rodriguez
Comic Artists Guild member and HELL’S BLOOD creator